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# 1 New Foundry Mission - 'Nelias'
04-12-2011, 04:58 PM
Project ID: ST-HC88T76SH

An officer from the Klingon Empire wishes to defect to the Federation. A transport is bringing him over and you are ordered to meet with the transport, pick him up and bring him back to Earth Starbase.

But things rarely go as planned...


This is my first mission built in the Foundry and it is a bit short and straight-forward, but a good starting place to learn how the tools work.
I am always open to comments, suggestions and criticism, so feel free to leave feedback, I'm always willing to make changes and edits where need be.

Just in case I didn't make it clear enough when you start the mission, you do need to be in Earth Space Dock to get things going.

Known issues:
-Still learning the variables for wandering and speed, so these will probably need adjustments.
-Your away team may get stuck behind walls and boxes, not sure what the cause of this is, so be careful.
-Shooting through walls, not sure what the cause of this is, so be careful about this too.