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Originally Posted by CardassianNinja View Post

I also have another question but I didn't want to start another thread.

How do we add time limits to objectives? Or is it even possible? For example, disarm (interact) 3 bombs within 90 seconds, etc...
There's no real way to fail anything. Even a dialog failure just lets someone restart the dialog.

There's also no timer. I have a trick to simulate a timer and a trick to simulate failure but both are pretty squarely unintended and not really repeatable multiple times.

If you want to simulate a timer, the best way I know how is to spawn mobs somewhere they will die fast.

For example: create a box filled with Federation mobs that the player can't see. Then spawn enemies in that box with a kill objective. The enemies will die almost as soon as they spawn. For greater consistency, I'd suggest dropping enemies to their death in a box that the player can't see. As the kill credit for the enemies happens, you can trigger events at non-timed intervals.

For example, I've toyed around with animated shuttles.

You basically just place a bunch of shuttles 0.,1 spatial units apart in a brief pattern. Every time one of the kill objectives completes, you despawn one shuttle and spawn the next, creating an animated shuttle.

This could work as a trick for a timer. Drop enemies from the right height and they will die in a reliable, predictable amount of time. Their death can be used to trigger events. You can run into your NPC/kill quota for a map very quickly this way, though, and keeping the NPCs out of sight can be a pain.

Another trick I've played with is actually dropping the player from a certain height and having them hit waypoints along the way.