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Originally Posted by Direphoenix View Post
Are you guys serious? There is no need to "create" a special mission to lvl Foundry toons. (I'd argue that there is no real need to lvl Foundry toons either, but that may be another post)

After creating the character, from the character select screen, select your Foundry toon, hit Play (not 'Create Content', and don't double-click the toon.) Play through the tutorial to open up missions from Quinn and Winters (system patrols and Defend Sectors). Log out, and get back to the Foundry character selector.

Select the same toon (that should now have some missions in its logs). NOW hit 'Create Content'. Create a map with a sector space door. Make the door in the same sector block as the missions you've picked up. From the Story View, select "Play Mission". This should pop you into the same Sector Space block as the "Mission" you're working on in the editor. This will also give you the editor toolbox (it may be handy to put yourself in 'God Mode'). Go to one of the systems from the Cryptic missions you picked up (or find a DSE enemy ship to run into if you're working on the 'Defend Sector' Missions). Once in the mission, complete it. If there are enemies to kill, use the "Kill Target" button. Rinse & Repeat. It's important to do this with the Cryptic missions, not custom created missions, b/c only the Cryptic missions give you mission complete xp rewards. You can get xp from making a map with the maximum amount of enemies and killing them repeatedly, but you only get individual kill XP from them, not the big XP reward.

Like I said earlier however, I see no reason that leveling your Foundry toon is even necessary. When previewing your map, you shouldn't be testing the combat mechanics so much as checking enemy and object placement. AI pathing doesn't even work in preview mode (which makes attempting to "test" the combat a laughable prospect), you have to publish the mission first; at which point you could just use your regular toon, where the enemies scale to that toon's level anyway.
Good to know. A very round about way to do it but should get the job done. my only thing in needind the higher level for testing is to see how the groups scale numbers of ships seeing as it could be an issue not at low levels since there wont be that many but at higher just being a stupid number of ships if i do the groupings wrong.