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# 1 wolf 359 needs an update
04-13-2011, 05:13 AM
when i joined sto a year ago i went to the first place on the map that im sure every star trek fan went too. wolf 359.
i have to admit i was a little disapointed at what i saw at first but after thinking about it what else was going to be there other than a mass grave yard.

however after thinking about its time for upgrade and i have the answer. when you fly close to the head stone for the fallen your engineer should pop up and say.....

"captain im picking up strange energy reading" with the option to lay in a course.
as you get close to the energy reading you notice its a faint borg transwarp device but like one you have ever seen.
another option should then pop up asking if you want to activate the device.
if you click no you go on your way.
if you click yes you travel back in time where you find yourself waiting with a fleet of ships at wolf 359 waiting for the huge borg ship heading for earth.

would your ship been able to survive?? could you have made the difference no one else could? a true trek fan has wondered this its now time to find out.