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04-13-2011, 05:45 AM
Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
while i commend your extra content and story, how does this story play into the situation of wolf 359. at this battle really the first encounter of the federation fleet no weapons the federation had was able to penetrate the borg shields or defenses. its a nice and interesting twist but i think you should try this out in the foundry and see if its good.

My main concern is that you mess with time and canon. while your ship from the future would easily be able to take down the borg cube. Not to meantion that you could be an admiral and thus give orders to the fleet and perhaps save lives but again altering the time line. The borg would notice your different power signature and exploit it. The borg of today would be able to defeat the federation easy now that they have your future tech information. You would not only mess with the time line and the future from wolf 359. you also would have to kill jean luc picard because the only way to defeat the borg from back then was to command then to sleep or destroy the ship.

ok then how about a visit from Q then? as your ship lay with the dead he pops up and says "maybe you think you could have made the difference" with that he gives you the chance to go back and try with a ship and weapons of the day and without changing the time line in anyway.
there could even be an acolade if you win. would also be good to have your friends/fleet members join you as part of the fleet.