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04-13-2011, 10:11 AM
There are some valid points in your post and it is possible someone is just out to trash the rating of missions but I guess the only mitigation (real) you have is that person would have to play your whole mission in order to rate it. If someone is really that vengeful as to go through your ~30 minute mission and rate it low, then I'd say they have bigger problems than with you giving their mission a low score.

It's always a law of averages anyway. If the mission is good enough, enough people will rate it appropriately and as a player I don't look at whether a mission has 1 or 3 low scores it's how it's doing overall.

Having a whole fleet or group of friends waste ~30 minutes on my mission just so they can low ball it...? Hopefully there's not enough people with that kind of mindset to affect any missions on Holo.

I've seen my share of not so good reviews and if the player is honestly trying to improve himself in mission creation some of these negative reviews are welcome.