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Originally Posted by AngelSilhouette View Post
  • The current male jumpers seem to be utilising the pattern from the JJTrek uniforms. The TOS uniforms had no seams on them anywhere save the collar, as if they were woven as one piece in the final shape.
This is incorrect. I think you need to watch more of the episodes and not rely on still images where the details cannot be seen clearly. The TOS uniforms clearly had seems on them right where they are on the in-game models. The seems also folded inward, as they do in-game, not outward as they do in JJTrek. The only difference with the in-game models is that the seems stand out a little more than they did in the series most of the time.

Watch Season One, you'll see.

More bugs for you to post. Some of these may have been mentioned already.

Bajoran Militia Uniform Issues:

1. General Epaulets (and pips) are not color-able and are gold by default. Really, if they are not going to be color-able then they should at least be the right color, Silver. The best idea would be to make them color-able, like every other rank pip in the game.

2. The decorative cut-out on the Belt is wrong. It should be three slits in a diagonal pattern, not vertical.

3. The Male version of both uniform tops is wrong. At the point where the shoulder color goes under the arms it should dip slightly in the same way as the Female versions of the uniforms.

4. There is no Medical variant of the uniform. Kira's jumpsuit variants we can wait on, but leaving out the Medical variant is just short sighted.


Persistent Costume Bugs:

1. The TNG uniform still folds badly when using the Thoughtful stance.

2. The Orion Harnesses cannot be used with the Bare Chest options for Orion Males. See these guides: Orion Male 1 and Orion Male 2. These are based on Orion outfits as seen in Enterprise and are nearly identical to the ones you can currently see in-game in the Stranded in Space mission. Also, using them with any kind of Armor causes very bad clipping and total obscuration of some parts of the Harnesses.

3. The General pips on the Enterprise uniform should appear on Both Sides. There must be something you can do to assure that a badge will not appear in the same place.

4. Pattern Bug on the Wraparound Robe

5. Still missing proper Belt, Pants, Boots and Baldric (Worn over left shoulder, not right) for TOS Klingon uniforms. Also still missing the Female variant.

6. WoK uniform is in desperate need of a revamp, especially the Belt. The current buckle looks flimsy and cheap. It should look more substantial, like this. Also, Rank pins should be adjustable and a full variety of the uniforms from WoK through UC could justify another pack to sell on the C-Store.