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04-13-2011, 12:41 PM
K.. I can only offer one of many suggestions / methods.

Especially with the escorts around - your focus should be on keeping all those probes and spheres in one area. (Escort CSV friendly thinking)

1) YES -- use all AoE abilities -- esp link up Grav well (or EWP plasma) with the escort's CSV to get pain to all the borg at once.

2) Group split was fine. Do remember, the "heavy" group may need to send the escort to assist the "light" group. In your case - they should just head for the center gate, and pick up strays.

3)If you are the sci ship -- your focus is "crowd control" - not "kill things" Your greatest input is keeping the borg from moving (EWP, Grav Well, Tractor Beams) and making sure the Escort can use those cannons.
Any damage is just gravy.

4)Grav Well should be #1 on your list. Tractor beam (or better yet - repulsors) are a solid choice as well. Note, do not run repulsors, if someone has the group Grav Well'ed. EWP is not bad (Grav Well Better)
and of course...heals for your pet escort. Keep your pet healthy, happy and shooting.

5)If you completely ignore spheres - they can count against you, I believe. Probes will beeline no matter what for the gate, Spheres will turn and fight, if you aggro them.

some helpful tips -- have the group (or at least several) use timers. 2:45 from the time the gate closes, to reopen again.

Draw the Tac cube to the gate first, then kill it. It wipes out the spawn there, mostly. The two "light" ships for the other gate, should leave when the Tac cube is almost dead.

Get behind the gates -- dps as much as you can for 15 seconds. If there is a ship wtih Grav well -- have them snag the spawn, while the others do heavy dps. THEN go after the spawn, probes first. Sci ship can subnuke the gate for debuff.

You should be able to kill all the probes in about 20 seconds total. Let the cruiser and ship handle the two remaining spheres, escort peels off to help other side. Sci ship - either screw with the spheres, while cruiser DPSs them...or both change to weps power and hammer them. Kill and get behind the gate.

Cruiser should be all about beam power, and keeping shields up (EPtS) Some healing of the pet escort.
Sci ship - crowd control on that side, heal the Escort, and buff / debuff. Should NOT be trying to dps the gate, or act as primary kill. Single cannon and turrets on the cruiser - not a bad thought.

Other side (light side) Do not bother dps'ing your gate. That comes later. Snare the spawn and coat them with EWP. Escort -- cannon cannon cannon cannon. Rely upon the Sci ship to keep you alive, you get all power to weps.

Once the "heavy" side downs their gate - you will get some cubes. "Heavy" rushes over to help - have ONE sci ship pick a cube....and get aggro. Everyone else leave that frickin' cube untouched. Let the Sci ship drag it well away. You should have easy time beating spawn - then get behind gate. Escorts - DPS the gate. Everyone else - keep the borg handy for when the gate goes back up, and the escorts come out to kill.

Good LUCK !!