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Hi all! I'm the Foundry bug collector.

Here are some tips to writing good bug reports, taken from a post by Moshpet. (Edited slightly by me to better fit The Foundry.)

I wanted you all to have the basic fundamentals so if you write a bug report out of game, you will be comprehend-able. I you attempt to use this format consistently, will help you to make clear, concise reports that will help the Devs and others to fix things faster.

Typically a good bug report should include the following bits of information. This isn't definitive, and by all means if you can improve on it, do so.


Short summary.


A good description on what the bug is should go here. Also include your Project ID number.


If it's Map Editor, Story Editor, User Interface (UI), Graphics, Audio, Preview Mode, etc.

How to reproduce (If known.)

1- step 1
2- step 2 and so on.


Where you were when the bug occurred, zone/mission/ & /loc (if you know it.)
/loc is very helpful in that a GM/Dev can teleport right to that location and see (possibly) what you see.

#### <- Spacer Of some sort,

(So the person reading it can tell where the bug steps end easily.)


Secondary thoughts, observations & so on, it's not always needed but, sometimes the extra feedback you provide will allow the Devs to find a solution faster.
Bugging Crashes

If you should happen to crash and the Cryptic Error Handler comes up, please include a description in the box of what you were doing at the time of the crash. Also, make a note of the number displayed in the center bottom of the box, and post that here for us.

Thanks, and happy mission building!