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04-13-2011, 01:25 PM
Your group is very similar to how we like to run it, except we usually put the 2 escorts together to go to the right gate. This is how we run it, but keep in mind this is not the only way.

3 ship group: 2 cruisers and 1 sci
2 ship group: 2 escorts with cannons (beams do not work as well)

Cruisers should run eject warp plasma 3. Sci should run Grav well 3. We usually go CRF rather than CSV for the escorts, but meh.

We usually lead the tac cube to the LEFT gate, and explode it right in front of it to damage the incoming spheres and probes. Before it explodes (like at 5% health), the 2 escorts head for the RIGHT gate.

When it explodes, start a 3 minute timer, so you know when the gates will open again.

Sci ship sits in front of LEFT gate, and hits Grav well to bunch the borg together. When they are stuck in the well, 1 cruiser flies up to them and spreads warp plasma on them. Before it wears off, the second cruiser does the same. By the time the GW, and 2 EWP wears off, most of probes should be dead, and spheres should be heavily damaged. Should just be clean up at this point. 1 cruiser may, if needed at this point, temporarily go to the RIGHT gate to help the escorts. If not needed, then 1 cruiser may set up behind the gate to DPS it when it opens again. The sci and the other cruiser, however, should remain in front of gate to repeat the GW and EWP on the next wave. For the cruiser, it's better to sit a little off to the side for better approach vector to spread the plasma.

Meanwhile, at the RIGHT gate, the 2 escorts should focus fire and kill all probes and spheres. When only 40 seconds remain until the gate opens, at least 1 escort should head for the rear of the gate and setup for gate DPS. If all the probes/spheres are cleared by then, both escorts can go setup behind the gate. If not all are cleared, 1 escort remains to clean up while the other goes to setup behind the gate. 1 cruiser from the other side MAY come assist at this point temporarily. A timer will greatly help your damage on the gate because you will know when to hit your buffs. CRF and CSV only last for about 10 seconds, so if you hit your buffs too early, you won't be damaging the gate much. And if you wait until after the gate opens, you lose time to DPS while it is open.

We usually have about 30 seconds to spare between waves with this approach.

Spheres will enter the time portal if they do not get aggroed. So not aggroeing the spheres is not an option.