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04-13-2011, 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by mindmage View Post
You're kidding right? Another complaint about the delta daily mission? This ship is available to players at Lt level. Says so in the C-store description. !0 days to get the anomalies you need to get the crafting level needed and all the anomalies needed for the Flyer. This ship is the easiest one to obtain in game and it's ridiculous how many complaints are posted.

Farming anomalies is easy. Go in, ignore mission by minimizing the window that pops up, scan for the anomalies (2-4 per system unless you get the scan 5 anomalies mission), and in about 15-20 minutes you're done. Repeat the next day until all ten are done and you have the Flyer schematic.
So, you're saying I'm not the only one who finds them tedious and boring? M'kay... Case in point.

Again, you say farming is easy. And... Didn't I just give exactly that description of farming? My question was, do you think farming like that is "cheating" or just "being resourceful" with a quirk of the game? I'm leaning toward cheating. But on the other hand, having to do it the long way would be a far more tedious slog.

You say the ship is available to Lt. level or higher. Just with energy credits / merits? If so, where can I go to just straight up purchase one with energy credits or SF merits without doing the Delta Daily missions and without spending real cash in the C-Store? If there's a place that straight up sells them at a shipyard outright, let me know, I'll just BUY a few and skip the dailies. If you meant they're available to peopel willing to pay real $$'s for them because they're impatient, that's not quite the same thing as just "being available" to Lt or higher. Most shipyards I've been to only sell the runabouts or the boxy shuttles, not Delta class. Maybe I'm missing something or have just been going to the wrong shipyards?

And again, my point was simply that ONLY collecting anomalies every day is REALLY BORING (we already do that with the explore the nebula missions) and I'd like to see some other mission types to spruce things up. I've finished my delta daily now via farming and I'm guessing most people are doing it that way, else finding it quite tedious too...?

P.S. If you / they don't want feedback, they shouldn't call this the "feedback" forum. Anyway, that was my feedback. Scanning anomalies ONLY, is boring. Spice it up!