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Originally Posted by TantalusOmega
Okay, so I attempted KA for the first time last night, and my group soundly got our butts handed to us on the first part of the mission twice. We had four tac officers (two in cruisers, two in escorts) and one sci officer (in a science ship). I felt like with that group, we should've been more than capable of handling this part, so I am very confused as to how we failed.

I had the sci ship, a cruiser, and an escort take the left gate, while I and the other escort took the right gate. We never made it much past the second wave of probes and spheres, so I am asking here for some insight from those of you who have done this before. In particular:
1. Is it okay to use abilities like Eject Warp Plasma (or other AoE abilities), or will that aggro the spheres too soon?
A Cruiser with EWP3 and Polarize Hull and FAW is prefer for KA. It kills the probes and spheres fast.

2. Did I split up the group incorrectly? I read a guide here on the forums that 3 and 2 was the way to go, but given how many probes and spheres came through in each wave and how tough the spheres were, I'm having a hard time picturing how this is possible (even though I know it is).
For an inexperience team 2/3 setup is prefer. An experience team would do a 1/4 and bring both gates down within 10-15 minutes.

I would suggest the 2 man team to be one with EWP3 and an Escort with Scatter Volley if possible. If not FAW3.

3. I never used any AoE attacks myself (even turned auto-target off to prevent accidentally firing on a sphere), yet I got aggroed by spheres several times while still shooting at probes. Is it possible that they aggro if a probe's explosion damages them?

4. What should a sci ship be loaded for in this part?
Gravity Well 3 is a must for science and Tractor Beam Repulsors is good have too.

5. I read that some spheres might go through the gate - if you kill all the probes in a wave and the next wave is already incoming, is it better to ignore the remaining spheres from the last wave and concentrate on the probes from the next?
Probes are ways first.

Divide into Teams. Team 1 the gate team with the science with the other two ships. Team 2 the tank team, Cruiser with EPW3 and Polarize Hull and an Escort.

Both teams take out all Borg ships except the Tactical Cube. Do Not use Photonic Fleet or Fleet Support!!! Remember once all the Borg are dead the shields around both gates will come down and more Borg will jumping. Once the last Borg is the shields are on a 2m:30s timer. Every 2m:30s the shields come down.

Now you must lead the Cube to the gate close to it. That gate will be #1 and were team #1 will be. Get the Tactical Cube right on the gate and keep it there. When it blows up the secondary explosion will damage the gate and hopefully destroy any Borg jumping in. If someone is about to die it is better to die then to lead the Cube away from the gate. Tractor Beam Repulsors is good for pushing the cube towards the gate. But do not use it on the gate.

Now once the Tactical Cube is down to 70% the Cruiser on Team 2 moves away from gate without aggroing the Cube to the other gate and into a position to the side of it but in front of it so he could move at the Borg when they jump in and lad plasma in the path.

Gate #1 make sure everyone is behind the gate before the Tactical Cube explode so when the Borg jump in on the front of the gate you will not be in a fire fight but be able to attack the gate first.


Always get behind the gate before the Borg jump in. This will make life easier.

When attacking the gate for ships using Beam Arrays broadside is your best attack. You will to more damage to the gate then torpedoes. Tactical make sure you use your buffs.

When the shield goes back up the other escort on Team 2 move to Gate #2 and kill the Borg.

Kill order: Probes; Spheres; Cubes.

Now if you have Gravity Well 3 use it to pull the Borg together and focus fire on 1 Cube the explosion will destroy the other Borg.

Team 1 once all the Borg on your gate are destroy get back behind you gate and wait for the shield to come down. Attack gate first. Rise and repeat till the gate is destroy.

Team 2 your job is tank your gate. Only worry about the Borg jumping in. Do not worry about attacking the gate.

Once the first gate is destroy Team 1 join Team 2. Once all the Borg a destroy everyone get behind the gate. Rise and repeat till the gate is destroy.

Gravity Well and EWP is a deadly combo. First GW the Borg and then dump plasma on them.

Remember every 2m:30s the shields come down.