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04-13-2011, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by TantalusOmega
Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. We never had any trouble leading the tac cube over to the left gate and "detonating" it there, but the gate runs just killed us. From what you've said so far, it definitely sounds like GW was what we were missing last time around. If I manage to get another group together, I'll make sure somebody has it. Would it be worth it to have two sci ships with GW so that each gate spawn is covered that way, or would that detract too much from dps?
Sure if you wish but you do need DPS to take down everything in a timely fashion.

For KA I prefer 4 Tac and 1 Eng for the fastest runs.We took down both gates in under 15 minutes. An Engineer with Bunker Kit will make KA easier. I have done KA with many combinations but never without at else one Engineer. I know it can be done without one but life is easier with one.

This I'm kind of surprised by. I fly a star cruiser and had my tac officer take FAW I (she also uses HYT II) a few weeks ago just to try it out, and I found that even combined with EPtW I and DEM II its damage was pretty much non-existent against mobs in standard solo missions. So, I dumped it again in favor of BO I. Did I miss something (cause you're not the first person to say that FAW is awesome, so I figure I did something wrong somewhere)? I agree fully with the Polarize Hull, though; I always run with that and it's been a lifesaver against Borg many times.

On my Assault Cruiser I use FAW 1-2 and BO1 for KA. For a Cruiser torpedoes take to long to line up in KA. It's better to broadside everything. Get in front of the path the Probes are taking and fire on everything. I have 10 BOff on my ship 3 Tac, 4, Eng, 3 sci. I can run any combination I wish.

I use to fly the Star Cruiser and do think it is a better ship for tanking the gate in KA but I got tried of always being the healer.

My engineer/cruiser it's about keeping aggro on me while the escort is free to kills everything. I have more heals then a escort and can survive multiple Borg tractor beams. I can kill the probes on my own but not everything else.

I don't use DEM for KA, heals are more important for a cruiser in KA. Use FAW2 and either BO1 or FAW1.