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04-13-2011, 08:58 PM
Originally Posted by staalker View Post
My issue is that I can't do the optional objectives in a team because there are only like 7 KDF players left. I can't seem to solo them either, in a Vorcha. My General can't in a carrier either, not that it matters at her level but that wasn't the point.

Have these been fixed? I haven't tried them in weeks now due to always failing erickson.
They're at times buggy, the 1s where you need to jam don't give option to jam until 30 seconds or more into the fights at times. For eriksson today the 1st time I ran it the transports wouldn't disable, they just ended up popping causing the mission to fail. But, they usually run ok.

Fyi, the 2x in the last week I ran these mission I asked in zone and was able to get a teammate. Granted they were many levels below me (25 or more), but they can at least stay cloaked and scan disabled transports while I draw aggro away.