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Hey all!

I just finished up my second mission, and it's now "in review". I'd appreciate anyone who is interested to give it a run and let me know any typos, grammar issues etc. There's one area that you either fight a group or perform an action that should isolate you from a couple enemy groups. However since you can fire through walls, it's still possible to aggro them. I plan on trying to figure out how to fix it or work around it tomorrow.

Here's the synopsis without spoiling the story too much

This is a follow up mission to "Just Another Day" (out of review). It has the player returning to the Badlands to assist Captain Cross and the Battle Group stationed there. You start by lending assistance to a disabled ship, beam aboard the USS Epsilon and are asked to retrieve an object from a damaged Borg Sphere. Of course there's more lingering in the depths of the sphere than a lost trinket. The mission ends when the item is delivered to Captain Cross aboard the USS Epsilon.

There are two significant, yet optional fights in the mission. One in space and one on the ground. The player has to intentionally engage these groups and are there to provide something for those who like some nice fights against 5-6 groups. Obviously not for everyone which is why they are not part of the main storyline. Otherwise this mission is probably more "story" than combat but I do try to keep it a little interesting.

Thanks in advance for any feedback. Feel free to reply in the thread here, email or review comments!

Mission Name: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Faction: Federation
Levels: 41+