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04-13-2011, 10:42 PM
Originally Posted by Kingdox View Post
It works both ways. you could easily come up with a group of people who all agree to 5 star each others missions along with have this paranoid fear people are out to get you and give you one star reviews.

That's why I'm going to stay away from anything that has less then 100 reviews. I figure by that time the BS 5 star (A++++++WOULD PLAY AGAIN) reviews average out along with the 1 star (MISSION IS TOTAL FAIL!!!11) reviews. By the time a mission gets to 100 reviews i would like to think the truth about the quality of the mission is a bit more trust worthy.
That could take a while for some good ones to reach the top. Both of mine are averaging ~4 Stars and the most played one only has 54 reviews. I have no idea how much it has been played, only that 54 people decided to give it a score.

I understand the desire to not play the one or two score missions. But I think by the time a mission has 30+ scores, unless there is a major change to the mission, the score will average about the same from that point on.