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04-14-2011, 01:12 AM
Originally Posted by Gwyndor View Post
to include brain could be a solution. ...
but reading about (so called) pvp groups or fleets leaving a match, due to some skills used by the opponents and remembering the nowadays usual "small talk" in organized pvp chat, is imo disappointing.

furthermore i would suggest, we should first define the expression "pvp-player" (yeah, i am not seeking for new friends ;..; ).

are we talking about people who are heading to pvp (kerrat / cnh / arena) and want an easy match by forming a premade and using teamspeak,
or about people, seeking for a challenge, even if it means, that they have to fight against skills, which are (too) strong (maybe even not working as intended) and who can accept, that they will be beaten, until they have a solution for the problem, or, when it is a bug, which can not be bear down by ingame solutions, until it will be fixed.

even though an all faw cruiser team (for example) deals a lot of damage, they are not invulnerable. it is possible to defeat them. sure it is a task, which needs some certain time and it is possible, that the premade will be beaten.
but at least, it would be a much better match, than the usual boring premade v. pug 15:0 matches and the "GG" in zone chat wouldn't be a farce.

i am certain this would help to relate the attitude of some people, when they are talking about "broken & overpowered skills"
well, "seeking a challange" hardly means to fly in a pug. usually i don't get upset about the enemy team but about my "teammates". after a couple of games my blood pressure is so high that i have to take a break. a real challange and really fun games are premade vs. premade. the poor thing is, that highly unbalanced stuff take the fun out of it. bfaw and ss are highly unbalanced. just unbalanced but acceptable are skills like science fleet.