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04-14-2011, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by H.Ramone
well, "seeking a challange" hardly means to fly in a pug. usually i don't get upset about the enemy team but about my "teammates". after a couple of games my blood pressure is so high that i have to take a break. a real challange and really fun games are premade vs. premade. the poor thing is, that highly unbalanced stuff take the fun out of it. bfaw and ss are highly unbalanced. just unbalanced but acceptable are skills like science fleet.
A loose group of good players fighting a premade can be a lot more fun than premade vs premade..

2-3 players from one fleet pugging up against a premade can also be a lot more fun..

Its a higher challenge, since youll be fighting a well coordinated group with a very limited range of carefully selected setups (you know how every premade copies eachother.. If say TSI comes up with, say a great way of fighting a premade FAW today, you know as well as I that within a week, 99% of all premades will have copied it and run it themselves), chosen to compliment eachother as well as possible.

On the other hand, when you PUG it, you dont know what or who to count on.. The group isnt designed for the perfect synergies.. In a PUG you can only rely on yourself, you cannot fall back on a fleetmate/friends that knows your fighting style.

That can be good, since you learn/practice quite a lot of survival skills, particulary in escorts.. Its funny that a good deal of the people that mainly play premade groups, are actually not nessecarily particulary skilled players, they are used to the 2-3 HEs that drop on them when they start taking damage.. They are not used to surviving - by themselves.

Im often told to stay put when flying in a premade, Im told not to move 10k< away.. But.. I *can* play without that dedicated healer dropping 100k heals on me per minute.