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04-14-2011, 02:31 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
While FAW apparently has 100% accuracy (and no crits according to the combat log parser), beam arrays without FAW seem to be in the 97%-100% range iirc.
My experience as well.. When fighting a ship that uses FAW in a 1v1, I only take damage slightly faster than usual.. Its only when facing 3-4-5 of them that I melt even before Im fully decloaked.

FAW might have some sort of hidden accuracy bonus.. Perhaps because it was hard to use prior to the first "fix" on it..


Dassem posted some parser data, that is interesting:

Originally Posted by Dassem
The whole EPS thing is a bit of a mystery.... here is some parser data collected by O13...

Single target, 2km:
No FAW, No EPS: 3081 DPS
No FAW, 4x EPS: 3116 DPS
FAW, No EPS: 3237 DPS
FAW, 4x EPS: 3653 DPS

Single target, 5.5 km
No FAW, 4x EPS: 2414 DPS
FAW, no EPS: 2615 DPS
FAW, 4x EPS: 2643 DPS

TWO TARGETS at 5.5 km
FAW, No EPS: 6972 DPS
FAW, 4x EPS: 6414 DPS -- (Tested both over 30 times and using EPS consoles seemed to lower damage at this range).

Given the number of tests done, I'd say something is fishy about EPS....
Interesting that you see a damage bonus of 160% when shooting at just 1 more target.

No wonder multiple ships running FAW rips through everything.. 5 guys shooting FAW have damage matching 12-13+ people.