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Feel free to lock/delete this if it's common knowledge, I just haven't encountered it in many tutorials/message board posts, so I thought I'd share a tip that helped me immensely.

using /showcampos 1 on a map will show both the player position and camera orientation. If you're not sure which is X, Y, Z, try jumping, and the one that changes is Y

This helped me a ton placing objects on the Vulcan map, where the initial player spawn point on the staircase is Y=0, then as you go downwards, Y goes negative. Basically, all the NPC objects and costumes were spawning at Y=0, then falling 50 feet down onto the fountain area. Worse still, the talk objects I wanted to use for non-mission dialogue triggers were spawning 50 feet above where I could reach them to interact. So now what I'm doing to plan my map is just hit play map, go to the game itself, then write down the Y coordinate for where I want each NPC/object to be. I go back to the editor, drag the object/NPC to where I want it to go, then type in the Y I recorded earlier so the height is correct.