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04-14-2011, 08:17 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Yes but it frustrates a healer when you are facing 2 targets 15KM and you die. I mean it is great you can handle yourself but sometimes depending on the make up of the group you are against and your in you may be needed to do the primary damage. While I understand certain strategies the one that I do not get are ships that run especially the cruiser, its funny the last couple of days I have come against cruisers that run. What I have found out for the most part is all their skills are on cooldown and I just kill them 5km farther out. Now with escorts it is a little more understandable but I have always felt if it is a close game then run but if it isn't extending out just makes it easier to kill team mates 5 v 4 sometime 5 v 3 because your healer feels he has a duty ends up being a slaughter.
Well.. I look at it this way..

I know I can handle myself, atleast until I have a chance to recloak (if someone follows me, I usually have a engine battery ready).. I have Jam so I can always mitigate atleast one opponent.

I also know the guys I fly with can handle themselves in cruisers and SVs, even when outnumbered 4 to 5

Lastly, my Defiant is 10 times as effective from a cloaked alpha, as it is in sustained fights .. Half that time I run with very limited buffs because of my setup.

Perhaps, I should be better at letting the healers know *not* to follow me when I boost 20k away.


Edit: Also.. I PUG so much, that Im perhaps even more vulnerable when using a style Im not used to (pump out insane amounts of sustained damage, while being fed heals by a healer), than when Im extending away.

Maybe I just need to learn how better to be part of a premade group, Ive never been particular good at it.