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hey everyone! I'd like to introduce "The intimate enemy" a 5 episodes serie i just finished.
I tried to make the best possible missions, paying attention to detail, balance, fun, and especially to the story.
I really want you to give me your opinion, whether you play these missions, because I really put a lot of time in them.
I learned to use the foundry on tribble and have a good knowledge of the tool. at least I hope so.

The intimate enemy

Part 1 : Understanding the threat
Part 2 : Capture the crone
Part 3 : The secret weapon
Part 4 : Bring down the beast
Part 5 : The amazons

Starfleet Intelligence has discovered that several powerful forces of federation starships are gathering in Donatu System, in the war zone. They no longer respond to calls and stopped to use the normal frequencies .. Three Fleet Admirals were at the head of these fleets.

The renegade force has begun to take positions in the Donatu System, disarming forces placed in garrison and indicated by direct communication with the Starfleet Headquarters that they are
detaching themselves completely from the Federation. They just declared independence, claiming
the Donatu System. They believe the federation unable to win the war
because of moral considerations.
An undercover agent of Section 31 spying this fleet has invited you to go there to investigate and
gather informations. You will act under the pretext of having defected and wanting to join the force that calls itself the "Father Land ".