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04-14-2011, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by Esquire View Post
I actualy read part of this thread, last night, and went off to test it myslef, To be perfectly honest, I had a sneaking suspicion that the OP was correct.

In short term testing, the findings of the OP did stand up. However, on long term testing, FaW will miss, not much but will miss. I then tested just beams (no FaW and no BO), short and long term again on NPCs and v other players and got the same results. It seems beams, themselves, have an inherent accuracy built in and that's where these test results are coming from.

There were several on from the 12th tac division and we all started a discussion on FaW, again in TS. This culminated in a private match of 3 v 3. 1 sci ship/ 2 escorts v 2 beam boats (1 set up for primary healing and my boat set up for DPS) and 1 escort. The match ended in a 15 to 9, they won. The high DPS on 1 of the escorts, in the other team, was over 700K while the sci ship healed for 1.2 mil. Our healing "beam-boat" did 1.3 mil healing and my crusier went up to 640K healing and they still won. DPS seemed to be the factor, however the fights seemed to last longer which was a lot more fun than just 1-shot kills anyway and tended to leave room for more group tactics.

It seems that escorts with a sci in the group, in the 12th anyway, have figured out how to overcome FaW to no end. They targeted me, when ever I was close since I was the "big DPS FaW boat", putting me more on defense and droped my DPS numbers from my usual 450-500K down to 380K. Most of them had scramble and saved it for when the beam boats used FaW and we tended to kill off ourselves with really no way to stop hitting members of our own team. I have to admit that these tactics and counters was/is very effective against FaW and beam boats in general. I didn't have sci team on my list of powers last night, in favor of another tanking skill, but after that, I have it now. That might let me kill off 1 scramble, but with multi ships having it, it would only be a short stop-gap measure, but 1 I felt was necessary and worth giving up some tank to get.
While your testing seems sound it does little to to dispel the myth FaW is fine because of the scale of it. A total of 32 total beams spread across 3 targets is lets say 11 strikes on targets which is not too much more than a regular Beamboat. BFaW gets progressively OP'd the more ships have it equipped. I was in a CnH last night where there was a 10 man fed ball with 7 ships spamming fire at will everything with in 10 KM was getting smoked. A 3 v 2 is inaccurate and I hope you understand how the skill scales to OP'dness

While SS is great to counter now it just makes another broken skill a legitmate skill. Now I am seeing matches where when I am not be FaWked up I am scrambled more than an egg and would need more copies of ST then I could reasonably use.