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04-14-2011, 10:36 AM
Several members have started to review missions for others. I played with the thought of doing the same for a couple of weeks now. Finally, I've decided to really do it, as I think there are many great missions that deserve another review.

Now, my reviews are a little bit different as I give out single (or half) stars for five different categories - a little bit like hotels are rated.
These five categories are:

I rate how the mission is made from a purely technical and visual standpoint. How the sets are used and modified (set dressing), how triggers are used, interactions are placed and so on.

Plot and Characters
It's not just the story itself. Even a very basic story can be fun with the right characters. This is a hard category as good characters are hard to create. Plus, I am a Star Trek fan and I will be angry if a mission is untrekky.

A good story is one thing, good writing another. While I'm not a grammar Nazi and I won't whine because there's a typo, I do enjoy a good story just so much more when I'm not constantly pulled out of it by bad writing. Also, I won't list every mistake.

This is a hard star to earn! Generally, the fewer combat situations the better. If there is no combat involved, you might almost certainly get this star. A combat-situation has have a reason or I will become impatient and complain about too many fights.

This mainly refers to how the mission ends, whether I'm satisfied with how the mission concludes or, if it is a story-arc, if I'm in the mood to continue with the next part.

Again, you'll get one star (++), half a star (+) or no stars (-) for each category. Since STO only accepts full stars, I will round up or down in the end based on all the other categories.
I also won't tell a lot about the mission and therefore most likely not spoil anything.

There are, however, a few things I want to clear up first:

- I don't review KDF missions. - Sorry, but I don't have enough time for a Klingon alt at the moment.
- I cannot play every day so I won't be able to do that review on the same day. Please be patient.
- I am currently Captain and as such unable to do missions for Admirals. - I'll update when this changes.
- I only review missions on Holodeck. - Sorry again, but I deleted my Tribble-client.
- I only do solo missions. - If your mission is intended for multiplayer, I'm not the right person.
- I don't have much patience when it comes to combat. - Endless fight after fight sequences might force me to drop a mission.

I do, however, offer to review missions that are not yet completely finished but are completable.
And I will offer helpful advice via PM after I have reviewed a mission on how that mission could be improved.

I also accept requests via PM if someone doesn't want to advertise their missions or is unsure about it's quality just yet.

Well then, my hailing frequencies are open.