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04-14-2011, 12:59 PM
Look at the bright least the Feds will get their brand new T1 Oh-barf that they can cruise around in next week. It should give them a few hours worth of usefulness while leveling?

Okay I got to vent, sorry for the sarcasm.

I did get a little excited at the most recent Ask Cryptic

"First we are looking at filling in the gaps in the KDF ship line so that there are appropriate class ships at each rank. Secondly we do have a goal to have variants of each ship eventually. For Season 4 you might see a small mixture of both, but no firm confirmation on exactly what yet (other than I can say Iíve seen a BOP variant near completion). As we get closer to Season 4 launch I can start talking about what is going to make the cut and what will come later."