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04-14-2011, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
I agree. Hopefully it is iether Mister_dee's design for a sci based scout variant or sonmething new, but the base ship of the line BoP needs no improvements or handicaps.

Its perfect.
Unlikely that it's my ship proposal for several reasons:

1. I've yet to see ships proposed by fans, even when it was done specifically for this game, to be considered for anything.
And since his ships were the first, I'd say Azurian's ships should be the first to be implemented.

2. That Ask Cryptic is about a week older than my proposal-post so how could they talk about it?

But the K'vort would be a wonderful addition, as might be a 3rd skin for the T5 BoP.
In that Ask Cryptic Dstahl uses the term "Variant" in a way as though he means different appearances for the same ship by it.
That would be what we refer to as skins.

So it could by either the third B'rel skin which would give us another appearance to play with besides the Koloth, or perhaps a third one for the Hegh'ta/Haj BoP.