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04-14-2011, 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by Obsidian71 View Post
It looks like the lifetime subscription is also 20%. But is it worth buying?
Sure if you plan on playing for 14 months or more it makes monetary sense. But what about the add ons?

Does Cryptic pay attention to the lifetime subers post buying? Do they get special rewards beyond what is mentioned? If so, how often? What things have came out in the past year for life timers?

I am a click away on purchasing but..need more info before I press submit.
While I do understand where this question is coming from, in terms of value that is, I think that the primary answer is going to vary a little by person.

For myself, the value lies in the fact that I can play as frequently as I have time. That is, if I do not have the time for gaming (due to family, work, social, and hobby priorities), I do not feel like I am losing anything. Were I paying monthly, I might be inclined to feel I was wasting my sub if I was away from the game for a week or more in a month.

Also, if I should ever get tired of playing I can set it aside, and come back to STO whenever I want to. That said, I have played (very casually) since Open Beta, and purchased my LT right at launch. I have never looked back and have been very satisfied with my purchase.

So, though I do not get any additional "Perks" for being a LT member (beyond what came with the membership at the time), I also do not have to worry about my sub running out. And, in about 2 months, my LT will have paid for itself. In relation to paying $15 a month anyway.

So no, we do not get any special bonus rewards or anything, no extra benefit, but over time, if we keep playing STO, our monthly fee to play will slowly be reduced, after 2 years, for example, my sub will average to $10 dollars per month, $5 after four years and so on.

So it really comes down to how long you expect to play the game. If you will be playing for at least the next 16 months, then yes, I'd say it is worth it.