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04-14-2011, 10:58 PM
Amen. I've tried this portion about 7-8 times now, and every time ended in failure despite having a group that knew what to do, stuck to the plan, communicated well and was even outfitted well for the job. In my last run before I had to give up to get ready to go to bed, we managed to destroy one gate and get the other to 40%, but there were over 25 spheres on the map at that point (I think there should be a limit to how many spheres should be allowed on that map at once - 10 at most), and we were being slaughtered so quickly that nobody could destroy any of them. We (or I, in this case) would just make suicide runs on the probes, hoping to destroy them or at least spray them with warp plasma before I got blown up by all the spheres tractoring me.

I didn't notice any of the bugs, though, unless you count being overrun by spheres a bug (which I certainly would, if what you say is true about them spawning everywhere - I didn't notice, though, as I was too busy trying to deal with the legitimate spawn).

The thing I think is the lowest blow is that when a borg probe or sphere blows up next to you, you're in serious trouble. If you blow up next to one of them, they pretty much laugh it off. Totally unfair. At the very least, our deaths should at least make any ship nearby wince, if not stop to scratch.