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04-14-2011, 11:28 PM
Sorry, "Hold the Line" doesn't show up. Is it a Level 41 mission? If so, hold thight, I'll try to get there this weekend. I'm on 38.

The Source of Power
by ainu

Implementation +
Technically it's a straightforward mission with some branching dialog. Nothing special but the sets were nicely done and worked very well. I liked the simplicity. However, when the Captain told me, the others had arrived, I asked myself: "Really, how?" I felt that it would have been nice to see two additional ships there. And there's a turbolift that could have been used instead of the site-to-site beaming - would have felt more natural to me.

Plot and Characters +
Again straight forward with a nice little twist and few but nice characters. I felt that the Klingons could have been better introduced and maybe even get a speaking part.

Writing ++
Nothing to complain here. Well written, clean writing.

Combat +
I'm almost not giving this half star here. I felt that the holodeck sequence was completely unnecessary and I also felt that there were too many Klingons considering what it was all about.

Satisfaction +

The little twist was really good and while I managed the endbattle quite well, I felt that at least after the first wave, a more Star Trek like ending (explaining the situation) would have felt a lot better.

A well made mission that that is a lot of fun. Other people might like the combat more.

Final Score: ++ ++ ++

3 Stars