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04-15-2011, 04:00 AM
Ah, I see. I had written the dialogue so that the Ferengi and Deferi had arrived several hours ago. This being my first mission, I didn't want to make things too complicated, and have to worry about too many other ships and explain why they aren't helping you fight later. It seemed plausible to disable one ship, but disabling 3 seemed pushing it. I also wanted them to have been there a while so that the Lieutenant suggesting a holodeck program for everyone to relax in and take a break would make more sense - even if the Ferengi and Deferi don't take her up on the offer.

For the holodeck fights, I tried to make them fairly easy and quick. Since my reasoning for having them there was as fragments of a security training program, I didn't have them talk or anything. Again, trying to keep it simple for my first Foundry mission.

For the Klingons at the end...your idea is a very good one. I just didn't think of it, as I was excited about being close to finishing my mission, and wanted to throw in a small amount of space combat for people. Off hand I'm not sure how to make them friendly at first, then have them change to hostile or stay friendly depending on dialogue choices...maybe that's something I can do later when I learn how to use the Foundry better.