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04-15-2011, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by TrekTheStars
Wow thanks Roach.
Don't thank me just yet. Sadly I have failed to hold up my end of the offer and in an excited "spur of the moment" decision ended up running Assimilated yesterday with BRJ and Pang.
I am sorry in my excitement I forgot to include you in the event with an invite.
I apoligise for letting my "enthusiasm" override my oath keeping abilities and if you let me know ingame I will drop what ever I am doing to help you complete Assimilation. Unfortunately I did not realize this until halfway through Ker'rat yesterday.
It seems my excitement led me into dishonor and I would like the chance to heal this breach.

On a side note, I remember you said your where looking for a good Fleet to join KDF side. I suggest that you (this can go for 0Gambit0 as well) contact BigRedJedi or WSmith (Pang) and see if thier fleet would fulfill your desires for a good KDF fleet ( if they are looking for new members, that is).
They appear to be online at similiar times as you choose to play and are a very friendly ( if a little crazy) group of people that show the signs of being a very good fleet.