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04-15-2011, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by Fusch View Post
Automated Tournaments
Besides many fps games which track the scores of the players also Guild Wars comes in my mind since it had an system which generated tournaments for groups which had to sign up for it at an NPC in game.
LOTRO gives players a "Renown" bonus when ever they bag a living player. Players with higher renown are worth more renown bonus when you bag them. X amount of renown equals a new rank. There is gear in LOTRO you can only purchase when you get to which ever level. The gear is nice PvP gear, not over powered, but little bonuses with some trade offs that keep them balanced. A nice bonus to help get people into PvP.
Makes for a fun end game, game. Getting more renown and getting your name to the top of the leader board.

A system like that could be lots of fun. Could even give some renown type rewards for capturing points as well as getting killing blows on good players.