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Originally Posted by Jake81499 View Post
Short term; When changing ships, you have to redo all of your BO's for that ship. Like if I want to take the Delta Flier out for a spin I have to redo everything then redo it again when I return to the main ship. The BO's have already been assigned once, they shouldn't have to be assigned again even if it's the same BO's as used on the other ship. It's a real pain to have to redo everything all the time. Just lock in bridge officers for different ships and allow them to be played on different ships.
Yes, get rid of Bridge Officer Amnesia (BOA) when switching between ships. If you've previously set assignments on a ship, switch to another ship, and switch back to the first ship, your Bridge Officers should know where their duty stations are. You shouldn't have to keep "reminding" them. Reference First Contact, when Worf is beamed back aboard the Enterprise from a failing Defiant and Riker asks "Mr. Worf, you do remember how to fire phasers?" *Worf just glares at him...*

Only time a slot previously filled should be empty is if you fired a bridge officer and added someone else. Otherwise, if you have the same officers, it should default to whoever was assigned the last time you were using a given ship.