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04-15-2011, 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by KitCloudkicker View Post
Android BO?

Mini-game: Shuttle race. Participate in a shuttle races in various locations (different tracks). Allow players to win prizes such as gold pressed latinum, special parts, items, etc. Allow bidding on races.

Allow for use of other factions instead of just Federation & Klingons.
Android, eh? Hmm, yeah, not a terrible suggestion. Hologram, too? Emergency Command Hologram? Hehe...

Shuttle races might be nifty. Shuttle-specific PvP. Shuttle-specific DSEs?

Rommie faction. I mean, c'mon! One of the "big 3..."

I'd like to see playable (in the fantasy land of "some day") all races that were playable in Armada II. That was a fun game!

But, at a minimum, Rommie faction is kind of a "must." Not kind of. Absolutely...