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Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
STO could have great PvP, if a few core mechanics were looked at and fixed.

Warhammer Online has been my overall favorite PvP game. RvR is just fun. I just wish that fighting in the capitols didn't suddenly turn into PvE with PvP interference -- all the castle sieges and stuff you have to do to get to the capitol is fun, but the capitol itself is kind of dull.

Three things Warhammer gets right:
1. The classes aren't balanced directly against each other. In general, each is a useful member of a team, but in 1-1 it's okay for one class to hard counter another.

2. Some abilities do different things in PvP and PvE. There are certain things that need to work for PvE, that would just screw up PvP too badly, so in Warhammer the ability has two effects. For the most part the player doesn't need to change their rotations or anything; taunting a player for example doesn't force them to attack you, it just gives them a nasty debuff if they don't attack you, so if you reflexively taunt at the same time you would in PvE you still get something out of it.

3. The game is balanced for PVP first, and then adapted to PvP. PvP is the harder part to balance, and every ability effects every other ability, so it makes sense to fix PvP first and then just adjust PvE health and DPS as needed. Going the other way, designing the PvE game and then adding PvP, is doomed to failure since you'll just have to rebalance everything for PvP anyway.

STO actually has very fun PvP, it's just been suffering form a lack of attention IMO. Abilities are found to be imbalanced for PvP in testing, but feedback gets ignored and then they wreck PvP. Abilities that have long been useless still are useless after a year. Basic functions like the ability to avoid targeting objects are still broken (and honestly spam wouldn't be such a concern if there was a way to just tab-target between the 5 player ships). PvPers still need to do a lot of PvE to get competetive gear (in fact we *mostly have to PvE, which makes me really mad at the PvE-players -- I really resent having to suffer through their lame repetitive
grinding just to play the part of the game that's fun.)

All of that is relatively simple stuff. New maps might be nice, but that's harder to implement than just giving more PvP emblem quests. I'd love if I could spend all day PvPing and earn something other than my 3 emblems for the quest; if I could also somehow earn crafting materials so I didn't need to spend hours buzzing around scanning anomalies I'd be ecstatic. I'd love if the devs could fix the stuff that could be accomplished by writing a few quests and adding items to a store.