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# 10 Im very disapointed
04-15-2011, 07:04 PM
People are abusing the foundry, keeping hush hush about it and yet every one but the Dev's know about it?

I can understand people not wanting to do the whole leveling over 2-3 weeks, repeating stuff over and over, But common now, very rare items selling for face value from millions in a period of 2 weeks?

This just reeks of exploitation.

Cut the drop rate or the levels of all NPC spawns by 5 levels, you can still level but you cant exploit is what im saying.

Flag accounts of exploiting if they create and delete characters more then 4 times per week with to great of a level difference between then, I E Farmers from overseas!

Seriously, Patch this one, because its gonna become very detrimental within a few short months, im talking about paying customers who will up and lose interest in the game.