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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
If the mission sounds interesting, then yes I would. Interestingly enough, the very best missions I have played in the Foundry do not use this "short cut" tactic. It was kind of hard to put my finger on it at first, but I realized that starting my mission at ESD then being magically transported back when it was over made the mission feel more like a holodeck simulation than a "real" mission that happened in the game world.
What if the mission takes place in a system or sector that is not part of the Cryptic map? You know... that whole "explore strange new worlds" thing. Should authors make you travel to, for example, Zeta Andromedea then spend a few dialog pop-ups explaining why you made a pit stop at the border planet before traveling to the real destination? Or do all these authors have to write in a convoluted plot device to launch your ship into unknown space from known systems? I, for one, am becoming very suspicious of transwarp gates. I plan to petition the Federation to discontinue their use, along with holodecks, because of the imminent danger they pose to all Starfleet personnel.

Anyway, think of your unseen magic traveling as what happens between the teaser/opening credits and the first commercial.

Side note: As a player, I appreciate as little down time as possible during my gaming session. And I don't really find chugging through sector space and going through X number of load screens to be that critical to immersion.