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Hi guys, were organzing a klingon house war tournament as a way to generate more community in the kdf and add some new user driven pvp in the game.

I am turning to the pros here for some help, here are my ideas:

I'd like to have a livestream or at least a recording with commentators explaining what the teams are doing, why they are doing it and what abilities etc are bieng used.

I can do color/newb cmmentary but I need a player that has a good speaking voice, and an excellent grasp on endgame pvp, ship types and strats to make the action more compelling.

I also need pvp teams, we have 3 confirmed and could use more

the format will be something like 4v4 with two cloaked judge ships, both streaming the match via a service like xfire.

I am not tech savy, so I am reaching out here to get this going I could really use the help

sorry for the spelling I'm typing on a smartphone.