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04-15-2011, 11:50 PM
Not as a nitpick, but have you gotten your character to Lt. Commander 8 (or is it Commander 1, I forget)? The Romulan series starting with Mine Enemy has the cut scenes and voice over you are looking for.

A for ESD, I think it is just fine. I use it as a place to trade items on the Exchange and to store particularly neat looking items in my bank. It doesn't need have an overly complex map, just the basics for character management. I am all for adding areas on an upper or lower station level for more mission and player intereactions, but the main area should be focused more for utility and function over graphics.

I do hope that most of your suggestions are implemented in some way. While I don't need many of them to improve my expeience, I'm sure there are other players who would appreciate those changes.