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04-16-2011, 04:38 AM
Sounds like a very neat idea, Startruck. If you want commentary for something like this, recording with voiceover added later is probably the way to go, the action can become quite frenetic in top-tier PvP, and it might be a bit much to ask for coherent commentary in a "Live" format.

Using something like Livestream, which allows you to save and re-play matches is a good idea, but you still would be limited to the individual that is actually 'broadcasting' the stream... Even if you use one of the judges' ships, it still might be challenging to pull this off, but I commend the effort.

Depending on when you schedule these events, and whether or not you can find a good way to record them, I would definitely be interested in helping you out with this endeavor, but my schedule is a little wonky, but I'd be happy to offer whatever help I can.

-Big Red