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04-16-2011, 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by Tidemand82 View Post
STO Space have the potential to be the best online PvP game, but it does not look like cryptic wanna go that way
I very much agree. Ground actually has a lot of potential too. Both ground and space play very differently from most MMOs. The disappointing thing is that there are a few simple things that would make STO PvP much better. #1 would just be to add missions and vendors so you could get gear from PvP which is equivalent to PvE or crafting -- it doesn't even need to be different gear, but time spent PvPing ought to be as productive as time spent PvEing or crafting.

Another super-simple thing which would help lower level PvP is to make an experience point package which is purchasable with excess PvP tokens. Similar items already exist, they'd just need to be added to the PvP vendors.

Other than that, the most obvious fix for both ground and space is to add the ability to only target players.