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04-16-2011, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
WOW's pvp is pretty good.

STO's needs alot of work though. And not just new maps either. It needs new game modes, to go with that, along with a dev team that actually listens to tribble feedback before they put something out the door to live.

Tribble shouldn't amount to being just "Hey test the new cheese build before it goes live, so you know what ship and skill set you should be using!"
WoW is both good and bad. The good part is that there is a lot of effort balancing it.

The bad part is that the classes are mostly balanced 1-1 (as much as people deny that is the goal), which means that they don't have very different roles. Some classes are better than others, but they all have to accomplish the same tasks. For example, almost every melee class has snares and gap closers, so if a class lacks one of those it doesn't really add flavor, it just makes the class bad. Some classes do everything required, and others don't. I've always had certain classes I prefer in WoW, but they aren't always viable choices; sometimes another class does every thing that defines the class I'm playing, but they do it better or also bring some other utility.

STO ground is a bit homogenous in the same way, since everyone basically relies on expose/exploit and ranged damage, but STO is pretty unique. Ranged attacks dominate STO, no matter what class or build you are playing. The shield mechanics and use of LOS to block mean that a good player doesn't need a "healer". The expose/exploit system gives everyone burst damage potential, as well as being something that a quick player can defend against. If the spam and targeting issues could be fixed I would think that even STO's ground combat would be better than WoW's.