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04-16-2011, 10:39 AM
Beside the fact that the Klingon faction all over is usually ignored by the devs, the tac-class even on fed-side shares that problem.
Also the KDF tac has a lot of good choices, may be even more then the fed-tac.

1. the T5 Raptor IS still a T5 ship. So litaraly NO choices is simply not right since the traditional t5s are as good as the refits, if not better.
2. the bird of prey classes work fine with Tacs.
3. the klingon cruisers work much better with tacs then the fed cruisers.
4. the mentionat nausican ship works for tacs.
5. the kar'fi works with tacs.
that are 7 ships.

so, for comparison, ehst options do fed-tacs have?
1. the t5 escorts (including the mva prometheus, but that one is new anyway)
2. the Defaint-r
3. the excelsior maybe.
that are 4 ships, so in that very one point as an exception I dont see a point in complaining about the KDf content compared to the fed content.