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04-16-2011, 02:00 PM

As mentioned the actual piloting isn't as "twitchy" as sto can be but it's still fantastic. Anyone who can learn the nuances of manual ship movement can take on a small gang of bads and be successful though.

The real appeal for me is that anyone can be attacked anywhere, even in "high security" space. There are no safe zones where a player is physically unable to iniitate aggression against another player, only NPC space police that will punish the aggressor, often after the target has been killed if you're doing it right. Also, loss is loss, your ship is blown up and you need another one, and whoever killed you can take your stuff that survives the explosion.

The only negative thing I can think to say about PVP in eve is that ofc since the losses are "real", this leads to "blobbing" by terrible players (there are a lot) who are afraid to lose their pixels and it can be time consuming to find good 1v1 fights. I don't think this can be applied to this game because there are too many carebears that play the game and they would start a riot.


Great pvp when you can find it. However the grind involved with character development makes even korean game designers balk at the absurdity of it. Combat is entirely fps style, you have to aim your arrows, magic, and melee; no tab targeting, no "invisibility" stealth. Plus side, if you have money to burn you can buy a built up character account, I really can't put how ridiculous the grind is into words, you have to see it for yourself.

It's basically oblivion online, where your skills go up through actual use (they have recently added offline skilling a la eve style, but only established players with a lot of gold built up can take advantage of it). Also, since there is territory to be owned and lost, coupled with full loot pvp, it has the same problems as EVE in that *****es and baddies who are afraid to lose their pixels band together in huge zergs and it can be hard to find ~goodfights~~~~. Definitely would not translate well to this game with the aforementioned sheltered carebear population.

Guild Wars:

Pretty good pvp. The game is heavily instanced and there is no open or world pvp, but everyone has the option to make a PVP only character that is maximum level and has access to all the skills and the best equipment. All the EQ in the game is standardized, the only difference between the pvp and pve gear is cosmetics.

There are a bunch of classes and skills, but everyone is limited to only using 8 skills at a time. The amount of viable builds are enormous, there are very few if any "bad" or unworkable skills, I'd say is one of the best balanced games currently available. I haven't played it in literally years though because I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I love the thrill of having my stuff at risk if I mess up, as much as I love looting the corpses of people I just roflstomped.

This model would be the most compatible with STO however very unlikely to happen since you people spend too much money on respec tokens already and cryptic would never want to lose that honeypot.