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04-17-2011, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by jedidethfreak View Post
It would be, except for the fact that there's this nasty little bug that pops up often that kicks you out of a queue when you zone. This means that, when it starts popping up, you're best bet is to not do anything while in a queue (a queue that, at least for me, has had up to 2+ hour waits to get into a match).

Wrap your head around THAT.
I'm not sure why this has been happening to you. I've only recently got the pvp bug and i have had none of the issues that you have been having. When queuing for these 5-15 minutes i'm continuing to do a variety of things, be it B'tran, Defend missions, even going from ESD where i signed in for a match, to contacting and completing the Breen Patrol in the Deferi Sector just as the Engage pop up comes up.

I'm just wondering when it was that you last tried pvp and queuing, as it does seem you are very put off by this. If i have been having no issues over these last few weeks and this was well before that time when you last tried, i'm just trying to establish an understanding here.