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04-17-2011, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by VinceSTO View Post
Ok...Today, I'm doing a mission where I must escort a cardassian woman to a temple on Bajor, and then, she betrays everyone to deliver the Pah Wraith. Cool mission at first...but then...

My first BOff decided that she was tired, and just remained in position, doing nothing. I tried everything to make her moving, no way.
My second BOff fell into the flames of hell...Ok, it was in combat, so no problem with that.
My third and fourth BOff, getting tired of all the fights against the Cardies, decided to have some rest, like the first BOff...So I had to take down a whole platoon of Guls alone, before returning to these two stupid guys...just to see one had comitted suicide, and jumped into the flames.

All of this in less than 5 minutes.

Please, Cryptic...Do's getting boring...(sorry I'm no so patient when I have to pay to play a game I've already bought...)
Is that the one where you're on the grates? If so, that's one of those launch bugs that they don't have time to fix...but check out this cool new ship on the C-store!