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04-17-2011, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by jedidethfreak View Post
Roll a Klingon character and then do some FvK. I'm sure you'll have a few issues.

As far as the last time I tried PvP, it'd be about a week after the last FE launched, when I had a 45-minute wait in a queue, that I was kicked out of during a map load to Q'onos. I doubt that the issue's been 100% fixed since then. Yes, some of the longer waits (30 minutes or more) are a bit more rare, but that they're there at all suggests a real problem that Cryptic doesn't seem to care about. Heck, that there's a wait longer than 5 suggests a real problem that Cryptic doesn't seem to care about.
My Klingon got to Lt General in the last few weeks and i have been switching between Fed and KDF pvp during this time. My Klingon like my Fed tends to go places too, setting myself up ready for another daily somewhere. Of course other times i tab out and visit the forums or do some coursework research, but its a good 50/50 chance my ship is on auto-pilot while i do this. But anyway, i can only talk for myself and say i am not having these problems. The whole matchmaking system does need addressing, with some way of pooling everyone together in their ranked brackets before dishing them out into games quickly and in your case, less painfully.
As i have said before, i don't expect this any time soon, but it would be a crying shame and a missed opportunity if over a long period of time pvp is not addressed. There is nothing quite like a good space pvp match for excitement and spectacle.