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04-17-2011, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by Darth-Thanatos View Post
Then ask for the Thalaron drones and the SwordMasters to be removed from the game altogether.

The fact that you (and your away team) can be wiped out in one shot, but you cannot reciprocate gives this game a sense of unfairness. Orbital Spittle comes to mind as a one-shot squad killer that actually isn't, but should be.

And I'm talking in Normal difficulty. I don't know what happens in Advanced/Elite.
actualy i have, in at least 2 ask cryptics, and swordmasters on elite are almost invincable, last news i heard was they are looking into it and if change comes it'll be in season 4, the latest magical fixing all problems patch like season 2 was ment to be