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04-17-2011, 09:58 AM
I believe you'll find that "browser based games" can be very limiting. That's the largest reason why development time to launch is very low.

Doubt I'll get into a player protest against the C-Store for the reasons you state here and to be honest, I'm not all that happy with development myself, right now, due to all the NERFS that constantly come out.

While end game is certainly lacking, Cryptic has stated that it is a problem they have seen and are at least talking about ways to "fix" that.

And what exactly can Cryptic do for PVP that's pretty much not been done now? A few new maps? To be honest, the last thing I'm looking at in PVP is the map and we have several to chose from. PVP is player generated content and to be honest, I haven't seen PVP lacking at all in my own gameplay. I PVP when I want. An open PVP zone? A lot of different ideas are swimming around here on that one. Some of the hardcore PVP players want something that flags ev1 PVP. We already have that in Eta. Enter the instance and your flagged. I doubt that Cryptic will put in anything "new" that players could use for "griefing" people that don't have many intentions of PVP gameplay as it should be. Griefing doesn't add to PVP, it detracts from it as that player who is griefed will probably NEVER try PVP as serious gameplay for themselves, at least in my experience..