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04-17-2011, 11:04 AM
It clearly states that the 400 day veteran award include the captains table access:
I have been active for 405 days and the accolade states:

400 Days

* Valiant Accolade and Title.
* FREE Full Respec.
* FREE Access to The Captainís Table.
* FREE Vanity Ship Ė Captainís Yacht.
* A 5% Captain and Officer Skill Point Boost up to Lieutenant Commander 6.

I had someone tell me I don't have access due to the fact I'm not a lifetime subscriber. Yet I have friens who pay monthly and have access and they DO NOT HAVE lifetime subs. please help...and do not reply to this ticket saying it is it is not and I still do not have this item (the access code on c-store that allowes access). I spend a great deal of money on this game and it feels like my money is taken and product is not delivered.